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chatbot business case template

(TEMPLATE) The Chatbot Business Case Template

The foundation you need to take your chatbot project from inception to success.

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This template is...

  • Comprehensive

    Leave no stone unturned. Use this comprehensive business case template to ensure you've asked all the key questions.

  • Business-oriented

    Our clients use this exact template to ensure the viability of their chatbot project. It is thoroughly business-focussed.

  • Department agnostic

    HR, customer service, sales, other? Use this template to champion chatbots internally, whatever department you are in.

Summary of this template

Have you been tasked to put together a business case for potentially bringing a chatbot into your business operations?

This is the template you need.

Fine-tuned over years of experience implementing chatbots into some of the largest companies in the world, this business case template will help you prepare:

  • Strategically (introduce the project and why it's vital to your business).
  • Financially (introduce cost, benefits, ROI, and timelines).
  • Operationally (define procurement, contracts, staff requirements).
And much more.

The chatbot business case template helps you cover all bases and ask the right questions internally.

chatbot business case template

Sneak peek

chatbot business case template sneak peak

The financial case for your chatbot

Making a financial case for bringing a chatbot into your business is, obviously, important.

In this section, the template helps you cover six key financial aspects to consider:

  • Capital requirements,
  • resources requirements,
  • financial benefits,
  • R&D,
  • CAPEX and OPEX, and,
  • non-financial benefits.

Grab the Chatbot Business Case Template to help you put together a comprehensive case for your chatbot.

chatbot business case template financial

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