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2016 Mobile Messaging Report

(REPORT) 2016 Mobile Messaging Report

Get insights on the mobile messaging habits of consumers.


In this report, you will learn

  • The viability of SMS. Is SMS still a viable marketing channel? Do customers really want to receive SMS from businesses?

  • The death of email. Is email marketing really dead? Should your company abandon the channel altogether?

  • The messaging trend. Are messaging apps there to save the day? Would consumers like to interact with business through them?

Summary of this insight:

We collected the data from a large number of UK consumers to get a clearer understanding of their current mindset regarding mobile messaging.

The goal was to learn about their messaging habits, but also to understand what consumers expect from the businesses they interact with.

Learn the messaging applications consumers favour.

Learn what consumers expect from businesses regarding mobile messaging.

Learn how your business can benefit from a mobile messaging strategy.

ubisend mobile messaging report

Sneak peek

ubisend 2016 mobile messaging report


SMS is still widely used, in many industries, as a way to send short messages when the internet isn't available.

Companies have been using them for a long time to send appointment reminders, delivery notifications, flash promotions, and so on.

Do consumers really enjoy getting these SMS? We dug for some insights on whether or not they do and found that SMS is still a popular communication channel.

34.9% of consumers would rather talk to a business via SMS than a phone call.

For more insights on SMS and mobile messaging, download our 2016 mobile messaging report!

2016 Mobile Messaging Report

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