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Welcome to the platform for
conversational AI.

Small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and our partners use ubisend to deliver world-class chatbot, RPA, live chat and ticketing solutions for any use case.
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Help customers. Support staff. Sell things.
And so much more.

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Build anything.

Create any conversational solution. No code, no restrictions, no limits.
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Build easily.

Regardless of your industry or requirements, there's a perfect, professional solution waiting for you.
ubisend no code chatbot builder

Reach everywhere.

Communicate and automate processes across every channel, including websites, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Messenger and more.

Build with blocks.

Insert text, images, files, videos and more. Move them, delete them and play until your automated conversations are perfect.

Grow without limits.

The ability to expand and build bigger and better is built right in.
ubisend API integrations


Any Data. In or Out.

Connect with any services, products, processes or people data directly. Easily create, pull, send or store all the knowledge your automation needs. Build the most efficient asset at your company with our 'integrate anything' API.

ubisend chat widget


All under one roof.

Go beyond conversational automation. Deliver end-to-end experiences with built-in live chat, knowledge base, and ticketing systems. Design engaging and bespoke chat interfaces. Create contextual, personalised experiences.

ubisend analytics


What users want.

Get a unique understanding of your users. With ubisend's industry-defining analytics package, monitor the metrics that matter to your business and draw impactful insights. Build what people need, backed by data.

ubisend hosting options


One platform for your needs, now and later.

Whether you are building one or hundreds of chatbots, for you or other people, ubisend is more than a platform. It's a framework for all conversational AI and automation. For any industry, business unit, location, and language.

Feel future-proof.

Your first solution is just the beginning. ubisend has the service and tools you need to iterate, improve and scale.
ubisend support

Real people. Real help.

We're here when you need us. From helping build the initial business case to connecting a complex integration, or building your entire solution; we're here to help.

ubisend feature rich

Every feature you need.

From a simple FAQ chatbot to a complex RPA, voice-driven integrated solution, and anything between. Our features can deliver everything you need today, and tomorrow.

ubisend plans

Plans for everyone.

For small businesses looking to scale, enterprise driving for efficiency, or agencies wanting to grow revenue. We've a plan waiting for you.

ubisend iso27001

Obsessed with security.

We go to every length to ensure our processes and solutions are secure for every organisation, big or small. Enterprise-grade, no matter the plan.

4 ways to start.

Whether you want to automate responses to inbound enquiries, power up your HR support, sell on auto-pilot or resell conversational AI; you can do it all with ubisend.
ubisend core logo

No-code chatbot, workflow automation, live chat, ticketing, knowledge base searching and more, such as any API integrations, 30+ channels and 60+ languages. Enough to power up and make any department more efficient. Learn more

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ubisend plus provides everything from ubisend core, wrapped in the enterprise-grade infrastructure, security and professional services you'll need to deploy best-in-class chatbots, live chat, ticketing and RPA experiences at scale. Plans start at £1,200/month. Learn more

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There are multiple ways to partner with ubisend and benefit from the growing demand in conversational AI. We have all the tools you need to create the unique and value-adding conversational experiences your clients crave. Learn more

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Let our team of conversational AI experts build your ubisend solution. Whether you need a simple FAQ bot for your website, a process-mapped virtual assistant or greater efficiency in your contact centre, we can build it for you. Learn more